Aug 16

Pick your favorite design!

So we’re having to make a tough call and wanted your opinion.

Which one of these would you wear?

Many thanks to talented “Aider” Maciej Harabasz for making the decision so difficult (and the designs so lovely)!


Just leave a comment letting us know which one you like. They are in the same order above numbered 1070, 1071, 1072 and 1073 if you need help identifying the design you like. We hope to have these in time for Libertopia.

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  1. Xaq Fixx

    Shirt #3, big bandage.

  2. Ed Wood

    Top right-little band aide

  3. Tristan

    Bottom Left is the easiest to read, but I like the graphics on the 2 right ones… if you could scale up the type on either of the two on the right, they’d be easy to read as well as interesting.

  4. Steve

    I like the first one that looks like a sign stuck up with 3 bandaids

  5. Chip Spangler

    They all look nice. I tend to prefer the top two … the upper-right one might be better if it was broken into three lines (and as Tristan suggested maybe making the text a bit larger).

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