Support Mutual Aid during the Holidays!

Right. So it’s that time of the year again. And we KNOW you don’t want to support corporate monopolies. Instead, we know you want to find a gift that is both meaningful and supports your favorite causes, while also furthering a free-er society.

So, here’s your shopping list.

First, find some folks in need. There are lots of them. Some who are cold or hungry or lonely this holiday. Some have run into some really tough times. Locate them. Love on them in a big, generous, heartfelt way. Give a card to your loved one with a note that says exactly what you did and that you did it in their honor because you know that government programs can never be as good as real-live neighborly love. They’ll appreciate it. We promise. And you’ll get double the love for your buck because the folks you help will appreciate it too. And this gift keeps on giving, because it inspires the folks you touched to go and do likewise.

Second, write a letter or send a book (from the publisher) to an inmate who is unjustly caged during the holidays. Don’t do this in anyone’s honor. Just do it. Add one of them to your list as one of your friends you owe a holiday greeting or gift to. It’s only right.

Third, consider donating some dwolla or bitcoinage or even FRNs to Fr33 Aid in a loved one’s honor. They will appreciate it (at least we HOPE they would!) and you will help further the cause of mutual aid and a free-er society.

Last of all, if you really want to give something tangible, there’s a bunch of Fr33 Aid merch that is just sitting and waiting to be loved by your friends and family members. You can support the work while still being able to wrap up a box with pretty ribbons and stuff. I have also written a book about my experience as a licensed medical provider and my journey into mutual aid. I think it’s a great gift and one that will introduce your dear ones to the ideas of liberty. It’s even available on Kindle so you don’t have to mail it. Shoot. Send a few to prison too.

Happy holidays from Fr33 Aid!