Getting Healthy in the New Year

Ever think about making a healthful new year’s resolution? Well, it’s not too late. This year I joined the Bitcoin Weight Loss Challenge, a 12-week competition among 11 contestants who are vying for bitcoin, support for charities of our choice and of course, our weight loss goals. I’m looking forward to losing some weight, gaining some new friends, more energy and keeping my health on a good track.

The winnings of the top 3 place contestants will be split with them and the charities they named at the beginning of the challenge. Two of us named Fr33 Aid as our charity, and we’re among good company, with Sean’s Outpost, Bitcoin Across America, BitGive, and the Bitcoin Development Fund also named.

Prize and charity pools are being held in escrow by BCB at the following bitcoin address: 12FYnnUp3booJFHB48AvYD9dhGCyAsDzH6. Any donations received to this address will be added to the pool and split among the top 3 and their charities according to the rules for the challenge. We’ve already received a 0.1 straight donation and 0.0002 tip via TipperCoin to our @BWLC2014 Twitter handle. It’s wonderful to know people are supporting us in our efforts to become healthier through this challenge!