PorcFest Here We Come!

Fr33 Aid is gearing up for another great PorcFest this week. Organizers estimate 2000+ participants for this year’s festival, and we will be there to help with all the usual support and a few new things too. Once again, we’ll be located at RV site #2 at the top of Agora Valley and can be reached on marine band radio channel 21 or by calling (442) 777-3733. Our booth hours will be 10 am to 6 pm, and our on-call volunteer will be posted after hours.

Thanks to a generous donation from Brawker.com, we were able to purchase needed new and replacement equipment and supplies. We will have a brand new back tent and table where we will also have a cot for folks who may need to lie down for awhile. We have all new defibrillator electrodes for our AED, both adult and infant/ child versions, to replace expiring ones and have some spares in case anyone at PorcFest has a cardiac arrest. We also have a scale, pulse oximeter and glucose meter to help people with wellness checks. Awesome Fr33 Aid volunteer and Nurse Practitioner Lisa Cole will be loaning us her automatic blood pressure cuff for easy blood pressure checks.

As usual, Fr33 Aid will be offering CPR-AED workshops to train people how to do hands-only CPR and try it out on our manikin. We will be including information about infant-child CPR this year, by request. Workshops will be Wednesday at 2 pm and Friday at 11 am in the Trigger the Move Tent. Instructors will include Jacob Petlon, Paramedic and CPR Instructor and Teresa Warmke, who helped design Fr33 Aid’s defibrillator and infant/child electrodes.

Fr33 Aid Director of Operations Stephanie Murphy will be teaching her very popular yoga classes again. This year they’ll be on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at noon in the BitTent (Tues and Thurs) and the Trigger the Move Tent (Fri).

Tuesday at 11 am in the BitTent, Fr33 Aid Volunteer and MD Jim Cunigan will be speaking about mental health: how libertarians work in mental health now and how mental health care might work in a voluntary society.

Wednesday at 1 pm Fr33 Aid volunteer and Midwife Katie McCall will be giving a talk about statism at birth in the Shaolin Zombie Survival Station.

Thursday morning at 10 am, Fr33 Aid volunteer Nikki Darling will be holding a Coffee and Vape meetup in the Lower Picnic Tent, where participants can learn about e-cigarettes as a method for quitting smoking. They can also learn how to make their own vaporizer coils and trade e-cig juice and recipes.

Please stop by our booth and say hi, use our sunscreen or bug spray (donations requested), get a wellness check or just talk with us about healthcare in a free society. We’re looking forward to seeing you and another great festival!