Nepal Relief Donations


Fr33 Aid would like to recommend a charity to those interested in donating Bitcoin to the earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.

We searched around and found the charity whose principles most align with ours is Direct Relief.

To show our solidarity between Fr33 Aid and Direct Relief, we will be recommending anyone who would have donated to a Fr33 Aid Bitcoin Nepal relief fundraiser to kindly direct their donations to Direct Relief here.

On April 30th 2015 Direct Relief began accepting Bitcoin.

On April 30th 2015 Direct Relief began accepting Bitcoin.

Direct Relief has committed that 100% of the funds raised for the relief effort in Nepal will be used exclusively for the people in Nepal.

Direct Relief is an accredited charitable organization and have one of the best accountability and transparency scores according to Charity Navigator. You can compare the scores of Direct Relief and another charity such as the American Red Cross

I have been keeping up with the Direct Relief response in Nepal on their website.

Our hearts and well wishes go to the victims in these trying times.

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