Fr33 Aid 2015 Campaign update


Happy holidays from everyone at Fr33 Aid.

We hope you find peace and joy with your loved ones this year.

Note: Our most recent update can be found here.

Tis’ the season for giving. With that being said, we are very much looking forward to giving a wig to an individual in need, bringing a bit of joy to their holiday season.

This is our one and only campaign this year. This is a very personal effort and holds a special place in my heart to help and individual who finds themselves in a medical hardship.


“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.” – Lydia Maria Child

What we need now is for our supporters to share our campaign across all social media platforms. The goal now being, getting it seen by the right individual who can reach out to us via our contact us tab or email me directly

I’m hoping we can achieve our goal by the end of the year and keep our efforts moving forward.

Peace. Love.

Michael Lindskog