Fr33 Aid featured in Freedom’s Phoenix e-Zine!

Our friends at Freedom’s Phoenix have a new e-zine available at their website.  The October 2011 edition features Fr33 Aid on the cover, in a futuristic depiction of health care in a voluntary society.  The e-zine also features an article by Fr33 Aid co-organizer Stephanie Murphy, and additional articles by Catherine Bleish, Karen Kwiatkowski, Dr. Mercola, and others!  Download the .pdf here.

Big thanks to Ernie Hancock and the rest of the Freedom’s Phoenix crew.  Fr33 Aid looks forward to seeing them at Libertopia Festival!

Here’s an excerpt from Stephanie’s article, “Compassion is in our Future.”

I suspect that it’s an extremely common experience of people reading this article to have been talking with a friend or colleague about pro-freedom perspectives on medicine and healthcare, and have been faced with the question of “but who would take care of those in need if not for the government?” It’s an important and relevant question. It’s also a question that I think we can answer in a convincing and compelling manner – not just with our words, but also with our deeds.

The answer lies in mutual aid. But what is mutual aid? It’s a way for people to help each other on a voluntary basis, a powerful tool for educating others about the ideas of liberty, and, in my opinion, one of the best ways to achieve true liberty in our lifetimes.

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