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Fr33 Aid as Voluntaryist Outreach

When I went to Bardo Farm Fest this year, I knew it would be fun. After all, some of my favorite people would be there, and I had a blast last time I was at the Bardo Farm. Several Fr33 Aid team members were joining me, including Jeff Johnson, Jacob Petlon, Stephanie Murphy and Joan …

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A Few Tips on Sun Block, Screen & Exposure for a Safe & Healthy Summer

Summertime is upon us.  Time to sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail.  The first thing you probably aren’t thinking about is sunblock, but you should be. Being proactive for sun protection is important. Those of us with a personal or family history of skin cancer are usually the proactive ones, but it is important …

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Do you trust the state to save your life?

No? Well, Fr33 Aid is here to help. The idea behind Fr33 Aid is to facilitate connections among liberty activists who want to volunteer for mutual aid projects. We’re organizing the first aid tent at the Porcupine Freedom Festival coming up in June, and we’ll be located at RV site #2 in Agora Valley. From …

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