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May 01

Fr33 Aid Celebrates Its Fifth Year

Fr33 Aid is an independent team of individuals working together in voluntary society as we have been since our founding in 2011. Whenever there is a decision to be made, we make it collaboratively, guided by our core belief that decentralization is better. For example, back in 2013 we chose to abandon our 501(c)3 application with the US IRS even …

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Mar 29

Thoughts and Reflections: Small Organization with a Big Campaign.

Nine months after launching the Paul Frontiero III Memorial Wig Campaign we are still on the search for a recipient. Note: This is an update for our campaign. Previous updates can be found here and here.   I’m having difficulty on where to begin with my latest update. I suppose I should just start from …

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Dec 04

Fr33 Aid 2015 Campaign update

Happy holidays from everyone at Fr33 Aid. We hope you find peace and joy with your loved ones this year. Note: Our most recent update can be found here. Tis’ the season for giving. With that being said, we are very much looking forward to giving a wig to an individual in need, bringing a …

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Jun 22

Fr33 Aid at Porcfest XII

Greetings from Agora Valley site #2! Fr33 Aid will be providing first aid to all at Porcfest again this year. This year I thought it would be good to have an end of day report as well as a final summary this year to document our impact on the community. Sunday June 21 Opening day. …

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Jun 21

Paul Frontiero III Memorial Wig Campaign **Update #4**

Note: Our more recent updates can be found here and here. Hello everyone, I’ve been growing my hair for well over three years and it is close enough now to be able to donate it for charity. Often, when someone decides to donate their hair to charity the donations are shipped off in a bag …

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May 05

Nepal Relief Donations

Fr33 Aid would like to recommend a charity to those interested in donating Bitcoin to the earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. We searched around and found the charity whose principles most align with ours is Direct Relief. To show our solidarity between Fr33 Aid and Direct Relief, we will be recommending anyone who would have …

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Feb 19

Fr33 Aid lesson: Bleeding Control

Disclaimer: this article is provided for educational purposes only. Always call a trained emergency medical professional for a life threatening injury. The definition of bleeding is the escape or loss of blood from the human body. There are several types of blood vessels that can bleed and should be understood before we begin controlling it. …

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Feb 17

Save A Life. Print an Organ.

3-D Printed Human Organs         Every day people are dying on waiting lists for organ donations.  At the same time political prisoners organs are being harvested for sale on the black market.  Over the past twenty years in the United States alone the number of people who were put on an organ waiting list has …

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Nov 23

Support Mutual Aid during the Holidays!

Right. So it’s that time of the year again. And we KNOW you don’t want to support corporate monopolies. Instead, we know you want to find a gift that is both meaningful and supports your favorite causes, while also furthering a free-er society. So, here’s your shopping list. First, find some folks in need. There …

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May 03

In a World Where Pizzas are Vegetables…

I remember a time when my grandmother told me to “eat all my spinach.” I would stare at it, push it around the plate, pretend that it was the disembodiment of the swamp thing that my fish bone had just stabbed to death. Ugh. Spinach. My only salvation was when my mother would sigh heavily …

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