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Nov 23

Support Mutual Aid during the Holidays!

Right. So it’s that time of the year again. And we KNOW you don’t want to support corporate monopolies. Instead, we know you want to find a gift that is both meaningful and supports your favorite causes, while also furthering a free-er society. So, here’s your shopping list. First, find some folks in need. There …

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Aug 27

Learn more about Fr33 Aid in our new video.

Our friend, Drew, with Don’t Tread on Meme put together a great video for us with footage from Libertopia 2011:   To learn more about how health care would be accessible in a voluntary world, check out our Resources page. If you’d like to help support our efforts in CPR Awareness through our Fr33 Hearts …

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Aug 16

Pick your favorite design!

So we’re having to make a tough call and wanted your opinion. Which one of these would you wear? Many thanks to talented “Aider” Maciej Harabasz for making the decision so difficult (and the designs so lovely)!   Just leave a comment letting us know which one you like. They are in the same order above …

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Jul 30

Supporting Free Trade in Style: Fr33 Aid Branded Silver Dime Cards

Fr33 Aid recently began offering branded silver dime cards as thank you gifts for donations of $10 or more. We decided to guarantee the value of our silver dime cards at $10 in order to support free trade and help us raise the funds we need to fulfill our plans. And we are very grateful …

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Jul 05

Allergic to Statism: Fr33 Aid at PorcFest 2012

The Fr33 Aid team had a great time at PorcFest 2012. Leading up to the event, super PorcFest organizer Sharon Osborne agreed that we could keep the same, centrally-located site for our booth in Agora Valley as we had last year. This year was less stressful on the organizing side, as we have most of …

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May 03

In a World Where Pizzas are Vegetables…

I remember a time when my grandmother told me to “eat all my spinach.” I would stare at it, push it around the plate, pretend that it was the disembodiment of the swamp thing that my fish bone had just stabbed to death. Ugh. Spinach. My only salvation was when my mother would sigh heavily …

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Apr 26

All About Allergies, Part 2: Natural Alternatives

Allergies can be annoying and disrupt quality of life. In the previous article, we looked at the symptoms, causes and standard medical treatments for them. In this article, we will take a look at some natural and gentle ways to work with your allergies. Non-pharmaceutical remedies work best with minor or seasonal allergies, such as …

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Apr 19

All About Allergies

  Spring has arrived, and many folks are suffering from seasonal allergies. So here at Fr33 Aid, we decided to put together a quick FAQ on allergies to answer some questions. This information can be helpful whether you have an allergy yourself or know someone who does.   What is an allergy? An allergy is …

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Oct 11

Fr33 Aid featured in Freedom’s Phoenix e-Zine!

Our friends at Freedom’s Phoenix have a new e-zine available at their website.  The October 2011 edition features Fr33 Aid on the cover, in a futuristic depiction of health care in a voluntary society.  The e-zine also features an article by Fr33 Aid co-organizer Stephanie Murphy, and additional articles by Catherine Bleish, Karen Kwiatkowski, Dr. Mercola, and …

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Jun 15

Fr33 Aid as Voluntaryist Outreach

When I went to Bardo Farm Fest this year, I knew it would be fun. After all, some of my favorite people would be there, and I had a blast last time I was at the Bardo Farm. Several Fr33 Aid team members were joining me, including Jeff Johnson, Jacob Petlon, Stephanie Murphy and Joan …

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