Fr33 Hearts

Fr33 Aid started the Fr33 Hearts program to educate people about the importance of voluntary emergency response. Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, at anytime, and the more people who know about CPR, the better chances are for survival. Chances for survival decrease by about 10% with each passing minute, and some emergency response systems take over 10 minutes to arrive.

You can take the Fr33 Hearts Quiz online, or come see us at an upcoming liberty event and practice your CPR skills. If you take the quiz at an upcoming event and tell us you’re willing to perform CPR if needed at that event, you will receive a Fr33 Hearts button (while supplies last).

Fr33 Hearts Button

Fr33 Hearts Button

Quiz // Answer Key

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Informational Videos:

  •  You can see our AED machine in this video. They use it for the 2nd demonstration part.

We hope you’ll get to try ours out in person one day!


  • Ken Jeong is a doctor, seriously, and he’s serious about hands-only CPR


Other Resources: has several good resources including an app for your phone!