Resources “How would health care be provided in a completely free society?”


It’s a question that we at Fr33 Aid get asked often.  Here are some resources that we think can help provide answers…






Here’s an excerpt from the book Practical Anarchy  

By Stefan Molyneux, MA

Ideally, no matter what your political convictions, we can all recognize that medical care should be:

1. Focused on prevention, rather than cure;

2. As cheap as possible;

3. As competent as possible;

4. As accessible as possible;

5. Aligned with the interests of the patient.

Read it…


Here’s a video interview of Mary Ruwart, PhD, a former pharmaceutical research scientist and Assistant Professor of Surgery.  She was interviewed by Stefan Molyneux about the healthcare crisis in the US.


Article: “Healthcare Without Government” by professional nurse Joe Peacott.


Here’s the October 2011 issue of Freedom’s Phoenix magazine which featured an original article from Fr33 Aid co-organizer Stephanie Murphy called “Compassion Is In Our Future” (page 4) and many other essays about health and medical freedom.



 “What is voluntaryism?”

This another question we hear a lot.  Below are some resources to help get you started if you’d like to learn more about the philosophy of voluntaryism.

Check out the Fundamentals of Voluntaryism by Carl Watner, publisher of The Voluntaryist magazine.

We’re fans of Mary Ruwart’s work – she is an author who also works in the health care field and is active in the liberty movement.  Check out Dr. Ruwart’s book, Healing our World, freely available online (an updated version is available in paper book form).

Our friends at Liberty On Tour have created a very comprehensive list of liberty-focused resources.  Everything you could ever want to read or listen to about voluntaryism is there, in the format that you like best!