Are you hosting an event where you’d like Fr33 Aid to participate? Contact us. Our team is international, and we have a vision to build a larger, chapter-based organization in the future. However, at present the majority of our volunteers are located on the east coast of the US. Sponsorship offers for one or more of our volunteers to attend events in other locations would be gratefully considered.

Upcoming Events

. If you would like liberty minded, medically skilled individuals at your event, leave us a detailed message here.

Past Events

June 2016

PorcFest XIII: June 19-26, 2016: Lancaster, NH

February 2016

Liberty Forum 2015: February 18-21 2016; Manchester, NH

September 2015

Burning Vermin: September 5-7 2015; Croydon, NH

June 2015

PorcFest XII: June 21-28, 2015: Lancaster, NH

March 2015

Liberty Forum 2015: March 5-8 2015; Manchester, NH

November 2014

Libertopia 2014: November 13-16, San Diego, CA

August 2014

Vermont Freedom and Unity Festival August 16-17, 2014; Londonderry, VT

June 2014

PorcFest XI: June 22-29, 2014; Lancaster, NH;

March 2014

Texas Bitcoin Conference: March 6, 2014; Austin, TX; Bitcoin Charities Panel

February 2014

Liberty Forum 2014: February 20-23, 2014; Nashua, NH; volunteers will be on call.

August 2013

Libertopia 2013: August 30-September 2, San Diego, CA

June 2013

PorcFest X: June 17-23, Lancaster, NH

May 2013

Bitcoin 2013: May 17-19, San Jose, CA

Bardo Farm Fest: May 24-27, Croydon, NH

February 2013

Liberty Forum: February 21-24, 2013,  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nashua NH

October 2012

Libertopia – October 11-14, 2012 in San Diego, CA

June 2012

Porcfest: June 18-24, 2012, Rogers Campground, Lancaster, NH

February 2012

Liberty Forum: February 23-26, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nashua NH

October 2011

Libertopia: October 21-23 San Diego, CA

August 2011

Live Free or Die Rally: August 25 (12pm) to August 28 (5pm) Jaffrey, NH ~ Fr33 Aid will be there Saturday-Sunday, August 27-28th.

June 2011

Porcfest 2011: June 20-26 @Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, NH

May 2011

Free Keene Fest: May 8th (afternoon) Keene, NH

Bardo Farm Fest: May 27 (2pm) to May 30 (8pm) @ Bardo Farm, of course! Croydon, NH